Information for Users of kotdog service about Cookies files

This information has been prepared under the provisions of article 173 of the Act of 17 July 2004 – Telecommunications Law (Dz.U. of 2004, No. 171, item. 1800 as amended).  
In our website under the name: horoskopydlazwierzat, kotdog, hereinafter referred to as the Service, which is available at the Internet address:, we use Cookies files. 

What are Cookies files?

Cookies files (so called cookies) are computer information data, usually in the form of short text files, which are stored in the terminal equipment of our Service’s user. An example of the user’s terminal device is a computer (stationary, laptop or tablet) or other portable device (e.g. smartphone).
Cookies files contain, in particular, information about Internet pages / subpages of our Service, which were visited by the User, time of their storage in the User’s terminal device and a unique number. This information allows our Service and us as its administrator to memorize User’s preferences and customize the Service to its individual needs 
Our Service does not automatically collect and store any personal data, which enable identification of the User beyond the data contained in Cookies files.

How to manage Cookies files?

Cookies files, which are used on the Service’s websites, can be managed by Users, who make appropriate settings of their web browser. In particular, the User can delete Cookies files previously stored by our Service in his terminal device (see “What are Cookies files?”), using appropriate settings of his web browser.  
We inform that the majority of web browsers allow default saving and storing Cookies files in the User’s terminal equipment. However, those Users, who do not express their consent to it, may change the settings of their web browser at any time in order to block the automatic service of Cookies files. 
Detailed information about this how User can change the settings of his web browser, the User should search on websites of entities, which provide this software (web browsers). 
For example, in the browser:
  1. Mozilla Firefox: 
    In the „Tools” menu choose „Options” and „Privacy” 
    . This browser gives the User a possibility to indicate that he do not want to be tracked at all or remove single Cookies files on each websites.
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer: 
    In the „Tools” menu, choose „Internet Options” and „Privacy”.
    By a special slider, the User can adjust the overall privacy level or via the “Sites” button – manage the settings of individual websites.
  3. Google Chrome:
      In the menu, which is available in the upper right corner of the browser, choose „Tools”, and then „Clear browsing data…” In addition to the possibility of removing Cookies files, you can find there a link “More information”, which leads to detailed description of the browser’s privacy function.
  4. Apple Safari:
      In the browser’s menu choose „Preferences”, and then “Privacy
    There you can find numerous options concerning Cookies files. However, the User should remember that exclusion or limitations on use of Cookies files by his web browser made by him may prevent access to certain features of our Service. In case of any questions or problems in this area, please contact us. Contact details can be found in the Regulations of our Service and in Contact


For what purpose we use Cookies files?

As previously signaled, within the framework of our Service, we use Cookies files in order to best adapt its content, including the content to preferences of individual User.  
Cookies files also allow us to develop so-called visit stats (anonymous of course!), thanks to which we find out how Users benefit from our Service, and this in turn allows us to state the direction, in which we should further develop our Service. 
Application of Cookies files by us allows Users an efficient move through our Service, especially after logging in, because they do not have to enter their login and password every time in next subpages of the Service.  

What kind of Cookies files we use?

We use in our Service two basic types of Cookies files:
  1. "session” files, which are stored in the User’s terminal device until he leaves the website of our Service or turn off the website;
  2. "fixed” files, which are stored in User’s terminal device for the time specified in parameters of “fixed” Cookies files or until their removal by the User. 
Cookies files used by our Service can also be used by advertisers cooperating with the Service and entities, which form, at the request of the Service, anonymous visitor statistics. 
We present below a detailed list of Cookies files’ types used in the Service:
  1. „Necessary” Cookies files allow you to use services, which are available within the framework of the Service, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication within the Service;
  2. Cookies files used to ensure safety, e.g. files used for the detection of frauds in the field of authentication within the Service;
  3. “Performance” Cookies files allow you to collect information about the method of use from Service’s websites;
  4. “Functional” Cookies files allow you to “remember” selected settings and personalize the User’s interface, e.g. for the selected language or region, from which the User comes from, front size, looks of the website, etc.;
  5. “Advertising” Cookies files allow to deliver the User advertising contents, which are more suited to his interests;
  6. „Statistical” files for the analysis, studies and the viewing audit, i.e. creation of anonymous statistics and adapting advertisements of third party services and products. For example, Google Analytics, Adwords.

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