Idea of the service

Creators of the website, individuals with very diverse qualifications, have moved among enthusiasts of pets for many years. It is connected with the participation in the exchange of views about life stages of their dogs and cats. In such company, it was easy to notice that some more experienced breeders among us were able to predict experience of breeders with a less experience. Moreover, people exchanging their experiences, who met after some period of time, reached the conclusion that they got adequate and useful advices.
This seemingly trivial observation has eventually contributed to the obvious conclusion that animals live in very similar way to each other.
Their organisms are more primitive than human, but more sophisticated than in vegetables. If natural scientists actually can certainly predict vicissitudes of life for one-year perennial or even 40-year-old pine tree – whether it would be impossible to move further? For example create models describing the life history of domestic animals – dogs and cats – and individualize these models with respect to a certain individual? By numerous consultations, we came to the conclusion that such a task is realizable.
As a result of base sources’ studies concerning dogs and cats, two advanced bases of knowledge, which in our opinion contain all available and useful information for an average owner of a domestic quadruped, were created.
Our bases of knowledge – life patters of domestic animals, take into account several “types of dogs and cats”. By the phrase “animal in type”, we understand a racial animal, which has features (mainly a physical structure) related to the recognized breed pattern.
Algorithms, built on a cynological and feline statistics, allow to model this universal and wide knowledge base, so as to form with their operation a prognosis, which will accurately present the nearest fates of your pet.
Thanks to the idea that was finalized in this website, we remind owners and breeders crucial problems. Users will also receive information, which help to cope with daily intricacies of the animal life. By using them, you will make your and your friend life more harmonious. Furthermore, we also think that this site initiated a new stage of the coexistence between statistics and biological sciences, which is aimed at highly practical and utilitarian targets.
We are looking forward to any criticism – dripping with sarcasm tirades and uncomfortable questions – conclusion from this information will serve us to expand our service and improve its theoretical bases.

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